Heres what Fallout 4s trophies can tell you about the game

Fallout 4 (opens in new tab)’s trophies have emerged from the Vault two weeks ahead of time, giving us our first look at the game outside of Bethesda’s finely-tuned hype cycle. You can check the full list on Exophase (opens in new tab), but beware spoilers – if you want to know more about how you’ll play Fallout 4 while keeping the twists and turns of the Sole Survivor’s story a surprise, read on.

First off, you’ll be able to join up with at least three factions in the course of the campaign: the Minutemen, a group of Commonwealth defenders including Preston Garvey (opens in new tab); the Brotherhood of Steel, a medieval styled, pre-war tech preserving order with chapters stretching from coast to coast; and the Railroad, a group of like-minded individuals who shuttle intelligent android “synths” (opens in new tab) to freedom away from their Institute oppressors.

The trophies also give you a feel for the depth of Fallout 4’s Settlement system (opens in new tab), with a trophy for “Benevolent Leaders” who reach Maximum Happiness in a Large Settlement. Even more interesting is the Community Organizer trophy, which is awarded for allying with three settlements; your city upon a hill won’t have to stand on its own, though I can foresee your choice of allies causing some complications (do make sure Happyvale isn’t a bunch of secret cannibals before you sign that trade agreement).

You’ll once again be able to collect a range of Vault-Tec bobbleheads, with trophies awarded for snagging 10 and 20 of them. Since Fallout 4 ditched separate skill ratings like “Small Guns” and “Sneak” in favor of its all-encompassing Perk Chart (opens in new tab), and there are only seven SPECIAL stats, it’s not clear what all 20 bobbleheads will do – they may give you a special Perk like the in-game magazines, or perhaps they’ll just give you a free skill point to spend.

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