Falling Skies “Young Bloods” REVIEW

Episode 2.04
Writer : Heather V Regnier
Director : Michael Sapochnik

THE ONE WHERE : Weaver is reunited with his daughter when the 2 nd Mass discover a group of young resistance fighters…

THE VERDICT : The assault on the harvesting factory is the highlight of this otherwise middling episode. It’s an environment that feels torn from the nightmares of a Victorian urchin, all steam and rust and cries of children. The show adds an especially eerie moment of bio-horror here, showcasing the vile, lamprey-like creature that emerges from a goo-dripping chute to sink its hooks into its victim’s flesh. The shot of the skitter brushing Matt’s hair with almost maternal tenderness is a nicely creepy touch. Elsewhere, it’s good to get some back story on the terminally gruff Weaver, but the daughter storyline ultimately drags, leading to an interminable ending filled with platitudes about living with hope (an emotional beat over-egged by the closing shot of a crying Weaver). And the episode wastes the chance to contrast the respective leadership skills of Weaver and Diego – that was the story, surely, right there?

ALIEN LORE : We continue to build up a picture of the post-invasion world. Northern Mexico has apparently been devastated, with the agricultural town of Parras completely wiped out. Bad news for devotees of Casa Madero, the oldest winery in the Western hemisphere.


Weaver: “I’ve never been able to control my anger. It sweeps through me like a brush fire.”

Falling Skies is now showing on FX.

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