Falling Skies 2.10 “A More Perfect Union” Review

Episode: 2.10
Writers : Bradley Thompson, David Weddle & Remi Aubuchon
Director: Greg Beeman

THE ONE WHERE With intel from the rebel Skitter faction, the 2 nd Mass undertake what seems like a certain suicide mission against the invaders…

VERDICT All the talk of a perilous, high-stakes mission to take out a secret enemy weapon promises a ripping Guns Of Navarone style adventure, but this season finale never quite delivers on that terrific premise. The first half of this episode feels distinctly sluggish, and while the scenes with the Skitters shifts us up a gear the eventual victory never feels fully earned, in spite of the clear cost to the 2 nd Mass of Dai’s death. Narratively it misses a trick by revealing Anne’s pregnancy too early – how much more effective would that revelation have been if Karen had told the viewer at the same time as Tom, allowing us to share his shock and sudden overwhelming concern for her safety? At least the ending provides an effective hook for season three – is this extra-terrestrial newcomer friend or foe? Whatever its inclination, the visitor is a brilliant piece of design, looking like some techno fallen angel with its bat-like shoulder wings and glowing, pinprick eyes…

FAB FX The shot of the cyber-bug that emerges from Ben’s eye and slips into his ear makes for a memorably creepy visual.

ALIEN LORE The intellectual capacity of the Overlords is so great that they shun computers in favour of keeping knowledge purely in their noggins. Go on, ask them who won the FA Cup in 1930…

TRIVIA Cinematic inspiration for the Skitter vs Skitter clash came from the Kong vs T-Rex scrap in Peter Jackson’s King Kong as well as a battle scene in Braveheart . The production crew ended up acting as Skitters to provide positioning reference for the FX house.

Anthony: “Yeah, the Captain is stylin’ it…”
Weaver: “Alright. Stow it. Or this stylin’, rugged size 11 boot will commence to kickin’ some ass!”

Falling Skies is now showing on FX.

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