Epic: We do not support the current version of SOPA

told fans of the company

While Cowley didn’t go into detail on Epic’s issues with SOPA, its concerns about freedom of speech and legal due process echo criticisms raised elsewhere. Experts have questioned the Act’s First Amendment validity and the website Stop American Censorship has gathered quotes from individuals across a range of sectors and political affiliations opposing the move. Comparable legislation in other countries has been criticized for potential human rights violations and for handing too much power to governments and corporate bodies.

While companies such as Nintendo, Sony and EA have removed their names from the list of companies supporting SOPA, Epic’s is the first statement from an industry body of its caliber openly distancing itself from the legislation as it stands. Indie developer Nathan Fouts points out that “as long as the ESA is still listed [as supporting the Act], the game industry as a whole is supporting SOPA.” Fouts’ post closes by inviting players and developers alike to contact the ESA, requesting the Association acknowledge prevalent opposition to SOPA by removing its support.

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