EA adds 10 new partners to Origin

Ten new videogame partners have inked a deal with EA to distribute their games on the mega-studio’s digital downloading service, Origin. Starting with this week’s addition of Trion Worlds (Rift), EA will soon feature titles from CD PROJEKT RED (The Witcher series), Freebird Games (To the Moon), Autumn Games (Skullgirls), Recoil Games (Rochard), 1C Company (King’s Bounty), inXile entertainment (Choplifter HD), Core Learning Ltd., Paradox Interactive (A Game of Dwarves), and N3V Games (Arcania).

“More than anything else, Origin is focused on providing you with choices,” wrote Craig Rechenmacher, EA’s vp of business development and marketing. “From blockbuster franchises to high-quality independent titles, we’re bringing the industry’s best content to one place. We’re excited to welcome our new partners and their diverse range of games for you to enjoy on Origin.”

These newbies join Origin’s growing list of notable publishers and developers including THQ, Capcom, and Warner Interactive. Of course, Origin is also home to EA’s first party titles, and as we learned last week, a membership to the service is becoming mandatory for high profile games like Mass Effect 3.

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