Keep a promise to Alberto or go to the center in Dying Light 2 Revolution

During the Dying Light 2 Revolution quest, you’ll have to choose between keeping a promise to Alberto or going to the center of Villedor. Not every player will have access to this choice as it’s only available to Dying Light 2 players who gave the water tower to the Survivors previously, allowing you to assist Craftmaster Alberto in destroying the Peacekeeper-controlled windmill in Old Villedor. After a daring mission, things don’t go well for Alberto and you’ll have to make a decision. Here’s what happens if you decide to do what you promised Alberto or to go straight to the center in the Dying Light 2 Revolution story quest.

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Do what I promised Alberto or go to the center?

Dying Light 2 Revolution story quest alberto promise or go to centre choice

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After successfully blowing up the Peacekeeper windmill in the Revolution mission, you’ll need to return to Alberto in his hideout. Unfortunately, he will have been found by none other than Berislav and Brooks, who you may have spoken to when you had to decide whether to go to Aitor or Sophie in the Dying Light 2 The Raid quest depending on your choices. After laying those two out, Alberto will tell you his dying wish to let his son Vincenzo know that he is proud of him, with Aiden promising that he’ll fulfil this wish. However, Hakon will then get on the comms to remind you that this is a perfect opportunity to get to the center unseen through the metro. You need to decide if you’re going to do what you promised to Alberto or go to the centre.

I’m going to do what I promised Alberto in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Revolution story quest alberto promise PK attack bazaar

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If you want your Aiden to be a man of his word, going to do what you promised Alberto by heading to the Bazaar is the way forward. Upon arriving at the Bazaar, you’ll find that it has been overrun by Peacekeepers. You’ll have to help the Survivors by clearing out the Peacekeepers and freeing the prisoners they’ve locked up there. Eventually you’ll fight Anderson, the first PK to interrogate you earlier in the game. 

Dying Light 2 Revolution story quest alberto promise barney bazaar

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Once the Peacekeepers have been cleared out, you will finally be able to speak to Vincenzo to let him know that his father is proud of him and executed his plan well. Having rushed back to aid the Survivors, Barney also declares you part of the Bazaar family. With your promise fulfilled, it’s time to head out to find Hakon so that you can get to the center.

I’m going to the center in Dying Light 2

If you say you’re going to the center, your objective will skip straight to finding Hakon at the hideout. While Hakon will compliment your decision, it will mean that you miss everything from the other choice, so bear that in mind when making your decision. As far as we can tell, this option doesn’t offer you any particular advantage for the following objectives and quests. Once you’ve met up with Hakon, the pair of you will begin your escape attempt through the metro tunnel to the Central Loop of Villedor, where you’ll explore the rest of the Dying Light 2 map.

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