Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Monopoly: The REAL Board This Time

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You know that Doctor Who Monopoly board we showed you the other day ? It was fake! We was ’ad.

Don’t worry. There still is a Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Monopoly. It just looks a lot different.

BBC Brand Manager Edward Russell got wind of the fake board when people started Tweeting that Colin Baker’s Doctor was being unfairly pushed to the back of the central picture. Russell took to Twitter to say, “That’s not the genuine board… the actual art is lovely.” And as @domvar pointed out, the Forbidden Planet page we actually linked to had an image of the real board.

As for the fake board, Russell ominously tweeted, “I will investigate.” * Oh God, we’re going to be implicated in fencing counterfeit goods.

So sorry about that. But this real version does look a whole lot better. Even if Jail still isn’t the Stormcage Containment facility. Bet Colin Baker is a lot happier.

* Update: turns out it was an early draft, before the game company showed the BBC for approval.

Update 2: We do now have a larger version of the new board, thanks to Twitterer @theDougtor who found it here .

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