David Tennant In New Star Wars (You Know Theres A Catch, Right?)

Former Doctor Who star David Tennant is heading for the Star Wars universe… but no, that’s not the first confirmed casting for Star Wars Episode VII (though he would make a great Jedi Knight). Instead he’s providing the voice of the droid Huyang in the episode of The Clone Wars that airs in the States this weekend.

Speaking to IGN , showrunner David Feloni (a Who fan) reveals, “As a fan that has the privilege of playing in the Star Wars galaxy, I am always on the lookout for others who appreciate, and would enjoy, an opportunity to go on an adventure in George’s galaxy far, far away. When I heard the Doctor himself, David Tennant, was a fan of Star Wars I knew I had to find a way to get in contact with him to see if he would perform on The Clone Wars . The result was Huyang, an ancient droid in the service of the Jedi Order, whose sole task in life has been overseeing the construction of lightsabers. I thought David was perfect for the part and he did not disappoint. He delivered a performance which impressed even the Master himself, George Lucas.”

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