David S. Goyer talks Man Of Steels secrecy

Man Of Steel heads up the Heroes And Villains issue of Total Film magazine, and inside we speak to all the major players on the superhero reboot.

That includes writer David S. Goyer, who told us about the new approach to Superman.

You can read the full feature inside issue 205 of Total Film magazine (available for just £1.99 on your iPad (opens in new tab) ), but here’s a sneak preview of what Goyer had to say about the Man Of Steel team’s approach to secrecy:

“It’s something Chris [ Nolan ] tried hard to do with the Batman films,” said Goyer, who had script and/or story credits across The Dark Knight trilogy. “I’m genuinely pleased with how much secrecy we’ve been able to maintain.

“There’s so much of the movie that people don’t know, that hasn’t been touched upon. The trailer’s just the tiniest, tiniest tip of the iceberg.”

And on the subject of ‘darkness’, Goyer explained:

“Relatable and realistic doesn’t necessarily mean dark. I think it would be inappropriate for us to approach a Superman film as if we were doing The Dark Knight .

“The Batman films are a lot more nihilistic; Superman has always been a story about hope.”

Man Of Steel opens in the UK on 14 June 2013.

For much more on Man Of Steel , pick up the brand-new issue 205 of Total Film magazine, which is on sale now.

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