Clive Owen to star in Recall

If there are three things Clive Owen enjoys, it’s having a scowl, throwing a punch and firing a big old gun. Happily for him, he’ll get the opportunity to do all three in upcoming action-fest Recall .

Variety reports that Owen will play an NSA agent attempting to make sense of a botched hostage rescue operation. As he tries to piece together the events of what’s just happened, he finds that nothing is quite what it seems, least of all his memory…

If that all sounds a bit ho-hum, additional interest should be generated by the fact that the script has been written by Paul Schrader, he of Raging Bull and Taxi Driver fame.

Slightly less reassuring is the presence of Harold Becker in the director’s chair. Despite his action chops (he was the man who brought us Bruce Willis romp Mercury Rising ), his last film was the distinctly iffy Domestic Disturbance , and that was some ten years ago in 2001.

Still, Clive Owen is a bona fide action star these days, with espionage thriller Shadow Dancer also on his slate for 2012, so we’ll keep an open mind where this one is concerned. The project is set to begin filming in March, with Bulgaria and Washington D.C. earmarked as potential locations.

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