Casting begins for Uncharted 3 reality game show

Fancy yourself a man of a mystery, adventure, and daring-do? If you’re 21 or over, a resident of the US, and legally allowed to operate a vehicle, you’re halfway qualified to act out your Nathan Drake fantasies on Spike TV’s new reality game show Uncharted 3: Race to the Ring.

Developed in part by Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment, the show is described in the casting call as “a blockbuster special that brings the game to life!” which is looking for “fans of adventure, video game enthusiasts, puzzle solvers and risk takers”. Those who think they fit the profile, and can take a week off in October to travel to California, are invited to fill out the application and email it along with a video, pic, or paragraph explaining why they’d make an ideal Nathan Drake (or Natalie Drakette) to

Little details are given as to what the show will include, or what exactly contestants are playing for, but if it’s anything like Sony’s other sponsored reality TV show, The Tester, expect a group of colorful twenty-somethings engaging in charmingly low-rent activities while smack talking the crap out of each other when no one is around. And yes, I genuinely enjoyed The Tester. Want to fight about it?!

Sep 1, 2011

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