Casey Affleck and Woody Harrelson star in first trailer for Triple Nine

The first trailer for John Hillcoat’s new thriller Triple Nine has appeared online, which sees Casey Affleck play a rookie cop in a town where Woody Harrelson’s old hand says: “Your job… out-monster the monster and get home at the end of the night.”

Harrelson’s advice is fitting given that a gang of local thieves are planning to murder a police officer in order to distract from their heist job across town. And from the looks of things, this is the least of their problems with gun fights and beheadings galore.

Watch the red band trailer below…

While Affleck and Harrelson look to have the makings of a great double act, the rest of the supporting cast is equally outstanding, with Kate Winslet, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie and Aaron Paul all taking significant supporting roles. Frankly, it looks incredible! Directed by John Hillcoat, Triple Nine will open in the US on February 19 2016 with a UK date yet to be confirmed.

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