Call of Duty Warzone gives you XP if you tickle King Kongs tackle

Call of Duty Warzone’s wild Godzilla vs. King Kong event is live, and of all the outlandish stuff the update includes, the XP farm hidden between Kong’s legs is probably the weirdest.

Now, before you go asking me how I know about this very NSFW XP farm, all credit for discovering it goes to Redditor Mundoschristmas (thanks, Charlie Intel (opens in new tab)), who appears to have flown a helicopter into the tight space between King Kong’s legs and used the blades to tickle out some precious XP. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

you_get_xp_for_tickling_kongs_sack from r/CODWarzone

I haven’t seen any other similar videos, so it’s possible this was just a glitch. In fact, I’d be a little worried if it wasn’t a glitch. Still, if you want to try for yourself, just download Warzone’s latest update and launch the new limited-time mode, Operation Monarch. You’ll need to be crafty if you want to get close enough to investigate this – for science, of course – as Charlie Intel notes that King Kong is particularly aggressive when it comes to choppers. One can only image he’s even more aggressive when you’re inches away from putting the big ape’s balls through a blender.

Still, what’s one measly death for the pursuit of such important information? Oh, and don’t forget to record your experiment and report back to us with your findings.


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