Destiny 2 cheaters asked to own up by Bungie

Bungie wants to know if you’ve been bad, and it’s giving Destiny 2 players the chance to admit they’re cheating.

Just below, you can see a repost of a community survey that Bungie reportedly send round to Destiny 2 players earlier this week. In the questionnaire, Bungie asks players to respond if they’ve experienced cheating at any point while playing Destiny 2, including if they’ve actually cheated themselves.

Bungie is surveying Destiny 2 users about cheating / hacks in the game. One of the questions allows you to admit you’re cheating 🙃 16, 2022

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This sure is one way of trying to catch cheaters. In fact, not only can you admit to cheating in Destiny 2, but you can also dob in your clanmates for cheating, as there’s an option on the survey to reveal that you’ve heard about cheating going on in your very own Destiny 2 clan.

Cheating certainly is a pain in Destiny 2, just as it is in virtually every other competitive online game in existence. Perhaps Bungie’s got a little bit tired of trying to catch out cheaters with preventative software, and is really desperate to catch them out in any way.

It’ll be interesting to see whether anyone does actually own up to cheating through this questionnaire. Could Bungie offer a pardon to anyone who comes forth willingly about having cheated in Destiny 2? We’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

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