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Our editor-in-chief reaches a personal milestone with issue 233 and celebrates by choosing his favourite SFX covers

The latest edition of SFX (opens in new tab) , on sale now with Doctor Who and Iron Man 3 on the front, is issue 233. In itself not a milestone, but since I took over as editor on issue 133 it marks a personal achievement.

100 issues is the longest I’ve worked on any one publication in my career – and who could blame me for sticking around, with sci-fi being so much fun? In that time we’ve grown, expanded, launched this website, branched out into live events and digital magazines and more besides.

It’s common to become reflective on big occasions like this and so I’ve taken the opportunity to look back on the last eight years of SFX and choose my top ten favourite covers. And below you’ll discover some insight into how these 10 covers came about and why I feel such an attachment to them. No doubt you’ll have your own favourite SFX covers so let me know in the comments.

SFX issue 133 (2005)

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Although I love the way The Thing punches the bottom of the SFX logo away, the Fantastic Four movie isn’t anyone’s top superhero movie and few readers probably remember this cover. The reason it’s on my list of favourites is simply because it was my first as a member of the SFX team. My words were on the intro page for the first time and there’s a snazzy picture inside of previous editor Dave Golder (now the online editor) morphing into me.

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