BioShock Infinite quietly receives dozens of Steam updates

BioShock Infinite has been receiving hidden updates on PC for a number of months now, and no one knows why.

Over the past weekend, BioShock fans noted that the SteamDB (opens in new tab) database listing for BioShock Infinite had seen a slate of updates, stretching back a fair way. Ever since September 2021, someone has been quietly adding hidden updates to the PC version of BioShock Infinite, and they’ve only been increasing in quantity with each successive month.

Just last week, for example, 12 updates were implemented for BioShock Infinite on PC, and in the week preceding that, 13 updates were made to the PC version of Irrational’s 2013 action game. A developer under the expansive Take-Two umbrella appears to have been repeatedly updating BioShock Infinite for some mysterious purpose.

What’s interesting is that earlier this month, the updates appeared to be testing BioShock Infinite against the Linux operating system. The tests apparently took place on March 15, and it’s intriguing to note this because Valve’s recent Steam Deck hardware utilizes a Linux-based operating system. 

It could be that BioShock Infinite is gearing up to launch on the Steam Deck. Right now, all games on the new hardware that run without any hinderance are included in the “Steam Deck Verified” program, but BioShock Infinite never made the list among the 1,000+ titles. There’s games both old and new running seamlessly on Valve’s handheld, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see BioShock Infinite popping up.

For what we made of Valve’s latest hardware launch last month, you can check out our full Steam Deck review for more.

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