Bad Santa sequel begins filming in January

Fans of festive fun with just a touch of ill-tempered alcoholism will be thrilled to know that the ultimate anti-Christmas film is getting a sequel, with Miramax confirming that Bad Santa 2 will begin filming in January. And better still, Billy-Bob Thornton is also on board to reprise his role as safe-cracking, booze-quaffing reprobate Willie Soke.

Oddly (given that the project kicks off in a couple of months time) the official press release doesn’t mention a director, although Doug Ellin has previously been rumoured to be replacing original helmer Terry Zwigoff. We also don’t know who has been charged with penning the script.

If it seems odd to be getting excited about a sequel to a cult festive film that’s arriving some twelve years after the original, consider again that Bad Santa follows the exploits of a serial thief with a fetish for unconventional sex with plus size women, who makes his living ripping off department stores dressed as Santa with the help of a cantankerous midget. And then tell us you’re not excited too…

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