Arnold Schwarzenegger will be re-invented in new movie Ten

“This is going to catch people by absolute surprise,” says Harsh Times director David Ayer, talking about his next project Ten , which will star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“No one’s ever shot him like that. This is Arnold 2.0”

Arnie will play the leader of an elite DEA team based in Atlanta Georgia who “Get in a lot of trouble.” According to Ayer, who’s out in Comic-Con promoting his new film End Of Watch , a gritty, thrilling, hand-held, hyper-realistic cop movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña.

Ten , which is due to begin shooting in 13 weeks time on location in Georgia, will share some of End Of Watch ‘s aesthetic.

“It’ll be very experiential, very first person, very live, very real.” Ayer explains.

“I’m really going to flip [ Arnold’s ] appearance. He’s doing a lot of training, he’s going to have the real SWAT skills, for real. I’m putting an amazing cast around him to see him interact and play.”

Ayer, who also wrote the script for a Commando remake currently in development hell, says he’s not nervous about working with The Governator and is excited to show a new side of him. “There’s a lot more to him than he’s been allowed to do.”

Arnold will appear in The Expendables 2 out 16 August 2012, and Kim-Jee woon’s The Last Stand and sci-fi thriller The Tomb , as well as Ten , all out in 2013.

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