American Horror Story Season 1 Star To Return For Season 3

Last week American Horror Story showrunner Ryan Murphy revealed that the merry-go-round of cast for season three of the show would include some stars from season one who weren’t in season two.

“I missed her this season” says Murphy. “There wasn’t really a role for her. I feel very protective of her and I didn’t want her to go back into the loony bin – it was too dark. So I thought, ‘Well I want Taissa to be one of the leads next year.’ I called her up and pitched her the character for the season and she loved it and she said, ‘Yes let’s do it.’ So we’re in negotiations for her to headline season three.”

Jessica Lange – who has appeared in both seasons so far, has already been confirmed for season three (indeed, Murphy admits that he builds the stories around her). Murphy as also said that season three will be funnier and have a larger element of romance (which Farmiga will play a part in). The next season will also feature action set across three cities.

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Ryan Murphy Reveals Details About “Funnier” American Horror Story Season 3

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