Rage texture pop-in video compilation

In our review of Rage – which we really enjoyed – we said that it “simply looks better than anything yet achieved this generation.” But there was a caveat: whenever things didn’t look good, it really stood out. Most notably, the textures could take a while to pop-in, causing weird visual issues that could make the amazing graphics look absolutely dated.

But we figured you’d want to do more than read about the texture pops; you’d want to see it for yourself, too. So we put together a video showing off some of the texture pops we noticed in the first ten minutes or so of the Xbox 360 version, without the installation.

In other words… you’re going to want to install the game. The PS3 version installs itself automatically, and while the 360 version’s install isn’t mandatory, it’s definitely recommended. It’s a big install (over 20 gigs), but it makes a big difference. Like, a really big difference.

Oct 4, 2011

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