50 Sexiest Movie Characters

Luisa Cortes (Y Tu Mama Tambien)

The Character: The sexy older lady who leads a pair of teenage boys down a road of sexual discovery. Needless to say, they cannot believe their luck.

Sexiest Quality: The free-spirited nature that inspires her decision to join their road trip in the first place.

John McClane (Die Hard)

The Character: An all-American man of action, whose ability to dispense with bad guys is matched only by his love for his family. He might not always know how to show it, but his heart is firmly in the right place.

Sexiest Quality: His willingness to walk across broken glass (literally) to rescue his wife from danger. Grrr!

Julie (Swimming Pool)

The Character: A carefree, French nymphomaniac, whose sexual exploits may or may not be enhanced by the imagination of Charlotte Rampling’s frustrated author. It doesn’t really matter, does it?

Sexiest Quality: Her accent. Good Lord, her accent.

John Grey (9 Weeks)

The Character: A suave hunk with a sadomasochistic dark side.

Possibly related to hot-flush-inducer Christian Grey, of 50 Shades fame.

Sexiest Quality:
His spontaneity. He and Kim Basinger will have sex anywhere, at any time.

Lily (Black Swan)

The Character: The free-spirited Black Swan to Natalie Portman’s White Swan, who plays very hard indeed.

How much of her persona is actually created by Portman’s subconscious is up for debate, but her sex appeal most certainly is not.

Sexiest Quality: Vincent Cassel’s leery dance maestro puts it best when he snarls that “she’s not faking it” of her performance as the Black Swan.

Rick Blaine (Casablanca)

The Character: Bogey’s suave bar owner, who finds his world turned upside down by the re-entry into his life by his beautiful ex.

Sexiest Quality: His sheer sense of honour, as he packs Ilsa back onto a plane, giving her up in order to help the Allies win the war. Damn.

Maria Elena (Vicky Cristina Barcelona)

The Character: The slightly unhinged girlfriend of Javier Bardem’s shameless lothario. Sexy, in a crazy kind of way.

Sexiest Quality: Her fiery temperament, and willingness to engage love rival Scarlett Johansson in a threes-up.

Edward Cullen (Twilight)

The Character: Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no denying the undead heartthrob has a certain effect on a certain age-group. Could do with a bit of sun, mind.

Sexiest Quality: His brooding intensity. Why smile when you can scowl?

Princess Jasmine (Aladdin)

The Character: Sexiest of all the Disney princesses, Jasmin is a feisty young woman who won’t be forced into marrying for status or political position. Good for her.

Sexiest Quality:
Her refusal to be impressed by “Prince Ali’s” Genie-assisted showboating.

Jack Dawson (Titanic)

The Character: A passionate young scamp from Ireland, looking to make his way in the good old US of A. He might not make it all the way, but he does at least find love en route…

Sexiest Quality: His selflessness. Although surely there was room on that driftwood for two…

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