World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion has potentially been leaked by the game’s website

The World of Warcraft next expansion may have leaked early thanks to the game’s official website. 

As spotted by World of Warcraft fansite Wowhead (opens in new tab), the game’s official website was supposedly the source of leaked details about the MMORPG’s upcoming expansion. According to Wowhead, the website’s public source code contains strings for the ‘Dragonflight’ Base, Heroic, and Epic Expansion pre-purchases. 

The code apparently also “points to a new, though currently inaccessible, URL.” That web address is, so it seems as if Dragonflight really could be the name of the upcoming expansion. 

World of Warcraft’s last expansion was Shadowlands, released back in 2020. Taking into consideration that a new expansion for the game has been released roughly every two years – not to mention the fact Blizzard has already confirmed a new WoW expansion would be revealed on April 19 – this discovery has come at exactly the right time. 

Following on from Dragonflight, assuming that actually is the name of the upcoming expansion, World of Warcraft players still have more to look forward to. According to the game’s Spring 2022 roadmap, uploaded to the game’s official Twitter account (opens in new tab) last month, Blizzard will be revealing its upcoming mobile game sometime in May. 

Not much is known about the upcoming mobile release yet, just that it was teased in Activision Blizzard’s quarterly earnings report earlier this year and that it will be “all-new mobile Warcraft content.”

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