These BenQ gaming monitor deals include a top ultrawide for its lowest ever price

There are gaming monitor deals out about every week at retailers across the internet, but BenQ ones are particularly good options that we like to look out for and give airtime to if we can. And that’s where we’re at today, as there are some top monitor offers below and they are worthy of your time, whatever platform you play on. BenQ makes some of the best gaming monitors going, so you know the quality is there, and there’s even a lowest ever price below too.

If you’re after something a little larger and have been intrigued with the idea of ultra-wides (but not the absolutely ridiculous ones that could envelop an entire person), then the Mobiuz EX3415R could be the monitor for you. It’s down to just $849.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab) right now. This is the lowest ever price, and considering the monitor was only released last year, the value and quality on offer is excellent. Literally, there is no better value on this monitor – or ever has been.

But if you are after a more traditional, flatter, and smaller screen, then BenQ has you covered too. First, the EX2780Q is an exceptionally fine monitor that I’ve been lucky enough to use for work and play at home every day for the past two years or so. It can now be yours for a whole $150 off, with its price on Amazon slashed down to just $349.99 (was $500) (opens in new tab) – its second lowest price ever. Meanwhile, the EW2780U is closely related to the EX2780Q and shares a lot of what’s great about it. Reduced to $449 (was $550) at Amazon (opens in new tab), this too, is a steal. 

These two as a dual monitor setup would be ideal for work and play given their color fidelity, resolution, and size. The colour and contrast is the standout feature for us when using the EX27080Qfor work and play, but their design is excellent too, and they’ve got the gaming chops to run with the best of them.

Today’s best BenQ gaming monitor deals

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BenQ EW2780U monitor | $1,000 $849.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $150 (lowest ever price) – An absolute no-brainer if you’re after a Not Ridiculous ultrawide monitor. This 34-incher is a very good choice to keep your setup to one screen but inject some BenQ quality in there too.

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BenQ EX2780Q gaming monitor | $500 $349.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $150 – This is a great price for the quality you get. Decent gaming specs and speeds, lovely image quality, and it hits that sweet spot of 1440p, all for one hundred and fifty dollars less than the list price. This is at its second-lowest price ever, by the way, so the value is undeniable.

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BenQ EW2780U monitor | $550 $449 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $100 – An absolute no-brainer if you’re after a well-crafted, excellent 27-inch 1440p monitor. Saving $100 off its list price is a great cut to take advantage of and it’s a great monitor for everything, let alone just gaming.

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These are the kinds of monitors that are very ‘Platform Agnostic’ – they’ll work as traditional PC monitors just as well as one of the best monitors for PS5 or best monitors for Xbox Series X. Therefore, whatever you play on, these might just be worth a look.

For more offers, check out the deals below.

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