The Quarry has a movie mode so you can watch the entire game without having to play it yourself

Until Dawn’s spiritual successor, The Quarry, will have a “movie mode” so you can sit back and watch the story unfold without having to replay any of it yourself. 

As revealed in IGN’s preview (opens in new tab) of the game, The Quarry has a “movie mode” that allows the player to experience the game without actually holding the controller. According to the preview, players will be able to choose between watching a version of the game where everybody lives, everybody dies, or you can choose each character’s personality traits before watching it all play out.

For this option, known as ‘Director’s Chair’, players get to alter the personalities of all nine of the playable characters. What this means is for each character in the game, you can decide how they react under pressure, in conversation, in flight or fight situations, and while looking around. So that when you watch the game in “movie mode” each of the characters’ paths is predetermined, you just won’t know exactly how it ends in terms of who lives or dies. 

Although this could sound like a cop-out considering this is a game and not a movie, it gives fans wanting to see the various different outcomes the freedom to do this without playing through the entire game several times. 

It also means they can explore all the different options in-game without having to look them all up on YouTube afterward. Not to mention the fact that Supermassive’s games (whether it’s Until Dawn or The Dark Pictures Anthology) have always had a cinematic quality to them, so having a movie mode kind of just makes sense. 

The Quarry is due to release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on June 10, 2022. 

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