Techland says to “expect the unexpected” with Dying Light 2 DLC

Dying Light 2’s DLC will do things differently, according to its developer.

Techland recently released a set of parkour challenges to add to the apocalyptic world of Dying Light 2. And that’s just the beginning. The developer has promised a wealth of paid and free content that will expand the zombie-infested adventure over the next five years. We don’t yet know what Techland has planned in terms of DLC, but the developer has said that it will leave fans surprised.

Speaking to PCGamesN (opens in new tab) at GDC, Dying Light 2’s lead designer Tymon Smektała confirmed that the scale of the game’s DLC would be similar to that of its predecessor. He also teased that fans should “expect the unexpected” when it comes to Dying Light 2’s future offerings.

“You can surely expect that the game will take you to new environments, with their own new traversal challenges,” says Smektała. “And I think you should also expect – maybe this is a stupid phrase – but expect the unexpected.”

The developer is aiming to keep players engaged with exciting and unexpected additions and not simply the same routine expansions. 

“We want to surprise people,” explains Smektała. “We want to create an emotional anticipation for our players. ‘What will they drop next?’ The plan is to not make the content too formulaic. The idea is that every new one should surprise you, should feel fresh, should feel new, because we feel this is the way to engage players.”

And despite a lot of guessing as to what Techland has in store for Dying Light 2’s post-launch content, the developer has said that no one has yet figured out what it will be. 

“There’s actually quite a lot of speculation online about what’s going to happen next, what we’re going to release, what the DLC will be. No one has guessed what we are hoping to do,” Smektała says.

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