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Destiny 2 Class guide – Titan, Hunter, or Warlock?

This Destiny 2 Class guide will help you learn about Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters, and all of their elemental Subclasses and abilities. Each of the three Destiny 2 Classes have their own unique skills, including a distinct jump type, and a defensive Class Ability, but it’s the elemental Subclass abilities …

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Fortnite Prowler skin

Fortnite Prowler is the latest addition to the superhero roster in the battle royale, bringing a set of Fortnite Prowler quests and a selection of Fortnite Prowler rewards including the all-important skin to unlock. This is part of the Battle Pass for Season 2, and although the character has been …

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Pokemon Go downloads and gameplay suspended in Russia

Pokemon Go downloads have been suspended in Russia and Belarus, and gameplay will be halted too. Earlier today on March 11, Pokemon Go developer Niantic announced that it had already halted downloads for the mobile game throughout Russia and Belarus. Additionally, Niantic announced that gameplay for Pokemon Go would also …

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