Sengoku Dynasty gets a stylish CGI trailer at the Future Games Show

Get a glimpse of the story you’ll discover in the brand new CGI story trailer for Sengoku Dynasty that just dropped at the Future Games Show

Arriving later this year, Sengoku Dynasty is a game where you’ll aim to rise from peasant to become a leader, craftsman, warrior, or spiritual master by building and growing your village into cities, and eventually a kingdom. 

Set in feudal Japan against a backdrop of war and famine, the game is being developed by Superkami – a fully remote studio with people from all around the world – with aid from Japanese historians to ensure its historical accuracy. 

Whether you choose to play in sandbox mode, or dive into the campaign with the Story Mode, there’s plenty to experience in the game as you work your way up. There’s even a co-op mode that supports up to four players, if you don’t fancy trying to survive in this harsh environment alone. 

But whatever you choose, you’ll find out more about Japanese Culture during the Middle Ages and discover the game’s deep building and crafting mechanics that you’ll need to build your kingdom from the first settlement up. 

Of course, you won’t survive without some protection, so you’ll also need to train up an army, starting with spears and developing all the way up to using gunpowder. The ability to thrive and grow is all down to you and your planning. 

Sengoku Dynasty is dropping into Early Access on PC later this year. Don’t forget to wishlist it on Steam for updates.  

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