Portable D&D Campaign Case terrain and tokens are coming to make DM life easier

Modular D&D terrain tiles and monster tokens are on the way, allowing you to customize scenes or enemies on the fly. Both feature individual carry cases and focus on versatility too, letting you map out the best tabletop RPGs on the go.

Set to launch this July 19, 2022, the D&D Campaign Case: Creatures and Campaign Case: Terrain offer portable alternatives to models like WizKids miniatures. Rather than using 3D plastic scenery, the terrain set operates like the best board games with reversible tiles that snap together (you can then add birds-eye-view trees, furniture, and more). As for monsters, the pack includes plain token bases of various sizes that can be fitted with reusable ‘creature clings’. These represent dozens of fully-illustrated foes ranging from zombies to dragons.

The D&D Campaign Case: Creatures is available for pre-order from Amazon now (opens in new tab) and costs $64.99. Campaign Case: Terrain can also be purchased for $64.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab).

D&D Campaign Case: Creatures and Campaign Case: Terrain product shot

(Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

While battlemats and character mats are a popular (if optional) part of D&D games, collecting a full set of 3D miniatures can be expensive – particularly if you’re trying to represent every encounter from pre-written Dungeons and Dragons books. With that in mind, these reusable sets that emphasise portability and ease are a savvy addition from the company behind D&D. Besides being relatively affordable compared to traditional models, these Campaign Cases seem much more portable. That means they should make life a lot easier for travelling Dungeon Masters who run games at a friend or family member’s home.

Announced as part of the first D&D Direct stream, the Campaign Cases were just one part of the franchise’s announcements. As well as revamped Spelljammer books and a new D&D Starter Set, Dragonlance is coming back. Similarly, a skirmish wargame called Dungeons and Dragons Onslaught is heading our way in the not-so-distant future alongside new WizKids Spelljammer miniatures (opens in new tab).

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