Pokemon Go Rocket Retreat Event Guide, Shadow Latias and Salandit

For a few days, the Pokemon Go Rocket Retreat Event will give have the opportunity to defeat Team Go Rocket and save the Shadow Pokemon on their teams. There’s plenty to do and we’ve come up with this guide to help trainers make the most out of this new event.

Shadow Pokemon are a unique gimmick in Pokemon Go where trainers save these special ‘mon from Team Go Rocket, where they have the decision to purify them or not. 

Of course, Team Go Rocket has been the bane of trainers’ existence for quite some time but now they are launching a new attack in the Season of Alola. The Rocket Retreat event will see the return of the nefarious group with brand new Shadow Pokemon at their possession including the Legendary, Latias.

Pokemon Go Rocket Retreat Event Start Time

The Rocket Retreat event in Pokemon Go begins Sunday, April 3 at 12 a.m. local time and ends Thursday, April 7 at 11:59 p.m. local time.

How to get Salandit and Salazzle in Pokemon Go

Salandit and its evolution Salazzle are making their debut in Pokemon Go with this Rocket Retreat event. The Poison and Fire types from the Alola region don’t just have unique typings but can be powerful in their own rights.

To get both Pokemon, trainers will first need to obtain a Salandit. But instead of catching these Pokemon in the overworld or saving them from Team Go Rocket, trainers will have to hatch them from 12 km Eggs. 

Trainers can grab 12 km Eggs by defeating one of the Team Go Rocket Leaders while having a spot available in their Egg pocket. 

Salazzle, the evolution of Salandit, is unique in that only female Salandit can evolve. By using 50 Salandit candy on female Salandit, the Pokemon will evolve into Salazzle. 

Pokemon Go Rocket Retreat Event

(Image credit: Niantic)

Shadow Latias and New Shadow Pokemon

Team Go Rocket will appear more frequently in their balloons and at PokeStops during the event. To mark the occasion, the group will have six new Shadow Pokemon that they have on their teams.

Alolan Rattata, Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Exeggutor, Sudowoodo, Girafarig and Numel will be on Team Go Rocket teams in their Shadow forms. Trainers can evolve Alolan Rattata, Alolan Sandshrew and Numel into their evolved forms if you want them in their Shadow forms. 

One in-game bonus that trainers can take advantage of during this event is changing the move Frustrated, learned by Shadow Pokemon, using Charged TMs. Normally, Frustrated can’t be replaced, but it can during this event. So if you have a Shadow Pokemon that you want to beef up with a better move, this will be the time to do it.

As for Shadow Latias, trainers will have to defeat the Team Go Rocket Boss, Giovanni to save it. By defeating all three Rocket Leaders and obtaining the Super Rocket Radar, trainers will have a battle with him. Defeating Giovanni will allow trainers will try and catch the Shadow Latias in his possession.

Here are the teams the Rocket Leaders and  Giovanni goes into battle use: 

  • Arlo: Exeggcute, Salamence/Exeggutor/Dragonite, Gardevoir/Scizor/Steelix
  • Sierra: Drowzee, Blaziken/Lapras/Sharpedo, Houndoom/Nidoqueen/Shiftry
  • Cliff: Cubone, Luxray/Electivire/Omastar, Tyranitar/Charizard/Swampert
  • Giovanni: Persian, Honchrow/Gyarados/Rhyperior and Latias

Pokemon Go Rocket Retreat Field Research Tasks

Trainers can spin PokeStops during the Rocket Retreat event to get event-exclusive Field Research tasks. 

Here’s the list of Field Research Tasks trainers can get during the Rocket Retreat event.

Rocket Retreat Field Research Task Reward Catch 3 Shadow PokemonCatch 3 Shadow PokemonDesert a GO Rocket leaderScraggyDefeat 2 GO Rocket GruntsHyper Potion (x2) or Revive (x2)Purify 3 Shadow PokemonSneasel

In addition, there will be a Special Research quest that gives trainers chances at more Pokemon encounters and items. Here’s the complete list of Special Research Tasks trainers can complete during the Rocket Retreat event.

Rocket Retreat Special Research page 1 Task Reward Win a RaidBreloomDefeat 3 Team Go Rocket GruntsSuper Potion (x3)Catch 1 Shadow PokemonRevive (x1)
  • Completion Reward – 1000xp, Poke Ball (x15), Rare Candy (x3)
Rocket Retreat Special Research page 2 Task Reward Catch 5 Shadow PokemonPinap Berry (x10)Make 3 Nice Curveball Throws in a rowRazz Berry (x10)Defeat 5 Team Go Rocket GruntsNanab Berry (x10)
  • Completion Reward – 1000xp, Stardust (x1000), Great Ball (x10)
Rocket Retreat Special Research page 3 Task Reward Purify 5 Shadow Pokemon1000xpDefeat 5 Team Go Rocket Grunts1000xpEarn 3 Candies walking with your buddy1000xp
  • Completion Reward – 2000xp, Great Ball (x15), Rocket Radar (x15)
Rocket Retreat Special Research page 4 Task Reward Defeat Rocket Leder Arlo1500xpDefeat Rocket Leader Cliff1500xpDefeat Rocket Leader Sierra1500xp
  • Completion Reward – 2500xp, Stardust (x1000), Super Rocket Radar
Rocket Retreat Special Research page 5 Task Reward Find the Team Go Rocket BossMax Potion (x5)Battle the Team Go Rocket BossUltra Ball (x20)Defeat the Team Go Rocket Boss1500xp
  • Completion Reward – 3000xp, Lucky Egg (x1), Golden Razz Berry (x2)
Rocket Retreat Special Research page 6 Task Reward Claim Reward2500xpClaim Reward2500xpClaim Reward2500xp
  • Completion Reward – Charged TM (x1), Fast TM (x1), Silver Pinap Berry (x2)

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