Pokemon Centers new Pikachu Bearbrick has short little ears and its weirding us out

If there’s a vaguely bear-shaped hole in your Pokemon merch collection, a new collectible Pikachu figure could help fill it.

The new Bearbrick Pikachu Figure is the result of a collaboration between the Bearbrick line of figures and Pokemon Center. Each Bearbrick has the same basic frame, bearing (sorry) some resemblance to a Lego minifigure with a bigger belly and prominent, round ears. The Pikachu Bearbrick stretches Pikachu (specifically a female Pikachu, as you can tell from the heart-shaped tail) onto this frame, resulting in an unusually lanky look for the typically short and squat Pokemon.

We can get used to seeing Pikachu standing tall and person-esque, but we have to admit that the round ears are throwing us for a loop. You don’t realize how key Pikachu’s long, pointy ears are to its overall look until you take them away – though to this Bearbrick version’s credit, it does at least replicate the black ear tips. The face is rendered in an eternal knowing wink, as if this Pikachu is saying “I know it’s weird but I’m kinda into it.” You can pick one up for $19.99 exclusively at the Pokemon Center store (opens in new tab) if you, too, are kinda into it.

In even stranger news from the ever-widening world of Pokemon merchandise, a thief recently tunneled through the wall of a gaming store to make off with $250,000 worth of Pokemon products.

If you’re looking to broaden your horizons (while still catching monsters), make sure to check out our big guide to games like Pokemon.

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