Yeah Yeah Beebiss 2 is a sequel to a game that probably never existed, and its out on NES now

Yeah Yeah Beebiss 2 is the brand new sequel to one of the greatest enigmas on the NES, and that’s also where you can play it – or Switch, PC, or even Dreamcast if you prefer.

The new project was headed up by gaming YouTuber John Riggs, who always dreamed of putting out his own homebrew NES game. Thanks to a wide network of friends across the industry, he was able to get an original base game to modify to his liking and a classical chiptune soundtrack to implement, but then the question came down to what to call his passion project. That’s when Riggs remembered the strange tale of Yeah Yeah Beebiss 1.

The mysterious title appeared in the trade-in value listings of an old gaming magazine throughout 1989, nestled between the likes of more familiar games such as Wrecking Crew and Xevious. But as far as gaming historians can tell, Yeah Yeah Beebiss 1 never came out – it was never even announced by any game makers or otherwise referenced in any way.

One of the prevailing theories at this point is Yeah Yeah Beebiss 1 was a dummy entry meant to suss out any competitors who tried to copy the magazine’s listings; if the copycats didn’t double check each listing, they’d be caught red-handed with a fake that couldn’t have come from anywhere else. We’ll likely never know for sure how Yeah Yeah Beebiss 1 came to be, but now we know how to play its official-enough sequel.

You can pick up Yeah Yeah Beebiss 2 on the Switch eShop or via Steam, as well as through a homebrew NES cart (opens in new tab) if you prefer the authentic experience – or a Dreamcast disc if you just like playing stuff on Dreamcast. Honestly? Fair.

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