Horizon Forbidden West players can help plant trees just by playing the game

Horizon Forbidden West players will be able to do their bit for the planet simply by playing the game.

PlayStation has launched a Play and Plant (opens in new tab) program for Horizon Forbidden West in collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation. From the game’s release on February 18 until March 25, 2022, for every Horizon Forbidden West player who unlocks the ‘Reach the Daunt’ trophy, PlayStation will plant a tree to help three different reforestation projects. 

The reasoning behind this initiative is explained on the PlayStation website, which reads: “For the release of Horizon Forbidden West, we want to do something to help nature… with you. Just like how Aloy fights to save the Earth in the game, we can do something together to help our planet.”

If you’re wondering what kind of trophies will be included in the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel, the Horizon Forbidden West trophies have been leaked ahead of the game’s release. However, we suggest you don’t look at them if you want to go into Horizon Forbidden West blindly as, although none of the story-related trophies have been unveiled, some others may also be considered a spoiler.

This isn’t the first time a video game studio has introduced a tree-planting initiative to its players, in fact, indie-game developer Ustwo games also recently released its game Alba: A Wildlife Adventure and promised to plant one tree for every copy of the game sold. This was back in 2021 and by the end of the year, the game had helped to plant a total of one million trees.

Wondering what you can expect from Aloy and the machines this time around? Take a look at our Horizon Forbidden West review to see what you’ve got to look forward to. 

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