Halo actor Pablo Schreiber has a message for those who wanted the series to fail

Halo actor Pablo Schreiber doesn’t care if you don’t like the new series.

In an Instagram post celebrating the show’s successful debut, Schreiber both thanked the supportive fans and directly addressed the naysayers of the series – the latter of which are loyal fans of the video game franchise. 

“For all the ‘fans’ rooting against the home team, who hated the show before they saw it and disagree with what we are doing, I respect your opinion and I love you too,” Schreiber wrote. “And I will keep working my ass off each and every day to make this show the best version of itself, to bring attention and respect to this Halo universe we love. For all of us.”

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The series, which is streaming exclusively on Paramount Plus, premiered on March 24 to mixed reviews. Despite this, the show was the ‘second most streamed piece of entertainment in the US’ last week just behind CODA (according to Schreiber), and set an all-time global viewership at Paramount Plus for most-watched original series premiere. The streaming platform has already ordered a second season.

Screiber stars as Master Chief, the face of the Halo franchise, alongside Jen Taylor, reprising her game series role as Cortana, Natascha McElhone as Dr. Halsey. Showrunner Steven Kane also previously addressed skeptical fans of the video game series who were curious about the TV adaptation’s version of Master Chief.

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