Castlevania season 4 review roundup: Heres what the critics are saying

Castlevania season 4 is now out on Netflix, and it’s the final installment of the animated Konami video game adaptation. The series follows Trevor (Richard Armitage), the last surviving member of the disgraced Belmont clan, who is trying to save Eastern Europe from extinction at the hand of Vlad Dracula Tepes (Graham McTavish). But Trevor is no longer alone, and now he and his misfit comrades race to find a way to save humanity from extinction at the hands of the grief-maddened Dracula and his sinister vampire war council. The show also featured the voices of Theo James, Bill Nighy, and Jason Isaacs.

As the adventures of Trevor and co. draw to a close, read on to find out what the critics are saying about Castlevania season 4. 

Den of Geek – 3.5/5

It may not seem like it during the first five plodding episodes of Castlevania season 4, but this is meant to be our last trip with Trevor, Sypha, Alucard, Saint Germain, Carmilla, Hector, and Isaac. After years of vampire wars and plots for world domination, the many sides fighting to decide the fate of the planet finally reach the endgame. Yes, the final season of the best video game adaptation ever made suffers from many of the same pacing issues as past seasons. Fortunately, the show sticks the landing overall. Read more here (opens in new tab). – 4/5

If you think you know how Netflix’s Castlevania will come to a close, you might be in for quite the shock as the final season of the animated series from Powerhouse manages to deliver unto fans an extremely satisfying ending while throwing in a number of curveballs when it comes to the stage that was set for the world now bereft of Dracula. Season 4 of Castlevania takes the opportunity to wrap a bow on nearly every character that we’ve come into contact with throughout the television show, giving fans plenty of quality time to say goodbye to some of their favorites. Read more here (opens in new tab).


Castlevania sticks the landing in such a way that it’s easy to forgive the arduous journey it takes to get there. The things the show has always hit with (its action, its heroic trio) remain highlights here, and the things it’s always struggled with (pace, and the long shadow Dracula’s absence has cast since his defeat in season two) remain consistent weaknesses. For better or worse, Castlevania goes out in a thoroughly Castlevania-y manner: a show that knew itself almost from the get-go better than any of the many video game adaptations in its wake. Read more here (opens in new tab).

Bloody Disgusting – 4.5/5

Castlevania confidently closes the book with this final season and delivers a conclusion that feels complete, but also natural and earned. The concluding installments are the right mix of chaos and contemplation and those that have enjoyed the climaxes of the previous seasons should be blown away with Castlevania’s finish. The series sticks the landing and ties everything together in a way that’s genuinely satisfying. Castlevania earns its rest, but with the rich world that it’s created there’s still room in the future for a new vampire killer to pick up a whip. Read more here (opens in new tab).

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